Trey Songz Disses R. Kelly!

By Brandan on 8/30/2009 11:52:00 AM

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Trey Songz decided to remake Jay-Z's D.O.A and flipped it around as a diss to R. Kelly! I for one think Trey needs to slow it down, who is he to blast on Kells and R. Kelly wrote most of his last album Trey Day as well as paved the way for this dude through his music. I think Trey has been feeling himself a little too much lately, until he can earn albums that sell millions and win Grammys etc then he can try and come for R. But hell to the naw, and to think i was actually gonna buy his new album...not now! I guess he's doing anything he can for promotion, sad. Listen to the song below.

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