Drama: Boog Says Domestic Violence Allegations False!

By Brandan on 1/07/2010 03:13:00 PM

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J Boog formerly of B2k has spoken out on the domestic violence allegations and says it's not true...peep his official statement below;

“I wanted to reach out to my fans right away to clear up the allegations circulating the web. I did not get charged with any form of domestic violence against the mother of my children. I love and respect all of the women in my life and would never harm any of them. Domestic violence is a very serious matter and one that should be treated that way, however this was not a case of domestic abuse. I was taken into custody due to outstanding traffic violations. I took care of the situation, no charges were filed, and I was released Tuesday evening. Thank you to my fans who stood by me regardless of any circulating rumors. I am looking forward to a great year in 2010 for Fizz & Boog and hope that you will continue to support. Thank you.” -Jarell “Boog” Houston
When I interviewed him and Fizz awhile back they seemed like really cool people and I couldn't picture it when I heard this news. Let's see what is to come of this, and why he was 'falsely' accused of domestic charges.

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