Album Review: Disney's Princess & The Frog Soundtrack!

By Brandan on 1/07/2010 12:12:00 PM

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Disney The Princess & The Frog soundtrack was released and I had the privilege of doing an album review. The music on the soundtrack is the same great songs from the film including an original song from Ne-Yo inspired by the film. It features the voices of Anika Noni Rose, Jenifer Lewis, Keith David, Jim Cummings & more. The tracks were composed and conducted by Randy Newman.

Never Knew I Needed- This is the song by Ne-Yo that was inspired by the film. It has a nice mellow upbeat production. The song talks about how things that you thought you didn't need ended up being one of the best things you have in your life. It speaks on love and realization. I really like this song and provides a nice vocal from the gentleman....Ne-Yo.

Down In New Orleans- This is a groovy down-south feel good song preaching about all the good things about the town of New Orleans. It serves as an introduction to the film and sets up the adventure. It has a nice orchestration in the back. It talks about how dreams can come true in New Orleans.

Almost There- Princess Tiana talks about how she's not into playing around or slacking off. She sings almost there in the film which explains how focused she is to have her goals and dreams come true. This is a good motivational, inspiring song...and Anika Noni Rose delivered a great vocal especially the big note at the end!

Friends on the other Side- In the movie the evil Dr. Facilier is using his evil magic to corrupt the mind of Prince Naveen. It talks about having friends on the dark side. Most of the song has talking mixed along with vocals. It has nice harmonies and the symphony is great.

When we're Human- This is an upbeat jam that has the character Louis(the alligator), Prince Naveen, & Tiana talking about when they are transformed back into human form what they're going to do. Anika shines through this song as well and delivers a nice trio collaboration.

Gonna Take You There-This is one of my favorite songs and has a very southern feel to it. It talks about rolling down the bayou traveling to Mama Odie in the film. It was performed by Jim Cummings as Ray the lightening bug in the movie.

Ma Belle Evangeline- This is a love song of Ray singing to the star in the sky that he has named Evangeline. I like this song and it's smooth set-up. It makes you sit back and dream and takes you to a happy place!

Dig A Little Deeper- Jenifer Lewis performs as Mama Odie in the movie. It talks about how you need to find out who you are and what you want befire you ask for someone to give you something. How money doesn't have any soul and how it doesn't make you happy. I really like this song. The end not from Anika was great and shows how talented of a vocalist she is.

Down In New Orleans(Finale)- Is the finale song to the film, it's basically talking about the greatness of New Orleans much like the song before and the prologue. This shows how the dream was accomplished and came true.

Fairy Tale/Going Home, I Know This Story, The Frog Hunters/Gator Down, Tiana's Bad Dream, Ray Laid Low, Ray/Mama Odie, This Is Gonna Be Good were all scores(instrumentals).

Overall this is a great soundtrack and provides a steady flow of original music that runs into each one perfectly. The voices were great as were the lyrics, composition, and production. I really enjoyed the music and it synched well with the film. You should definitely buy this soundtrack for your kids, family, yourself.

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars!

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