Whitney Houston's Comeback Performance!

By Brandan on 9/03/2009 08:23:00 AM

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Everyone has been dogging Whitney's comeback performance on Good Morning America saying how she didn't sound as good as she use to and blah blah blah lol. Everyone makes it seem like she just went on a seven year break, and deceided to come back, NO! She was on crack people, it's not like her voice was resting for seven years...it was being damaged by drugs. So of course she won't sound the same as before. She still sounded great to me minus the few cracks here and there...Whitney made a statement saying that she was hoarse from the long interview with Oprah and she shouldn't have been talking. All in all Whitney has the greatest voice of all-time and she sounds way better than Mariah Carey does live these days! Below is her "Million Dollar Bill" performance, what do you think?

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