New Music Videos(Ginuwine-Maxwell-Jay Z)

By Brandan on 8/16/2009 07:50:00 PM

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Here is Ginuwine's 2nd single off of his new album "A Man's Thoughts" which I believe is a great album and it's ashame that he didn't sell this time around seeing as he usually goes double-platinum on each of his albums. Anyway this song is called "Trouble" ft. Bun B. I must say the video was alright and I wish Gin would showcase his dancing more! He shuts down all male singers vocally and dancing wise to me so I don't see the reason why he doesn't show what he can do. But this is still a nice installment to his collection!

Bad Habits is the second single from Maxwell's new album "BlackSummer'sNight". He brings another great video and it seems Maxwell is on top of his game after his 8 year hiatus. Im glad to see him back and Im pretty sure people will eat this one up like they did "Pretty Wings".

Even though this is just a preview, I deceided to post it. Here is Jay-Z's new single featuring Rhianna & Kanye West. I must say that Im not really a fan of this song, even though Kanye's rap is my highlight. I can't stand Rhianna's voice on's beyond annoying! But we all know this will be a hit just because it's Jay-Z.

What do you think of the videos?

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i love maxwell's vid!

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2009  

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