Entertainment News Wrap-Up(Week of Aug. 10-16)

By Brandan on 8/16/2009 06:23:00 PM

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For this week in August it has been filled with lots of news. If you haven't heard about it all this is where you can get your own little wrap up for the week.

The Kardashians' had quite a stir this week as Kim recently went under alot of changes(breaking up with long-time boyfriend Reggie Bush) and officially going blonde! She debuted her new look at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards and I must say that it was a great choice for her. I rarely like when girls go blonde but I must say it looks damn good on her. Her sister Kourtney announced that she is pregnant and reports have been told that she will be due right around christmas time. The star has kept it a secret on who the possible father is.( rumors speculate that it is between her long-time boyfriend Scott, or her bisexual friend J whom she shared a kiss with on her show)

The Dream & Christina Milian have apparently filed for their marriage license, and have 90 days to get married before it expires. I must say that I didnt like this couple when I learned of it. It seems Christina has been tumbling down in her love life ever since her breakup with Nick Cannon. She dated Dre(half of the production team Cool & Dre) who produced her 2005 album "So Amazin'" after that album flopped she broke up with Dre and has now moved on to The Dream who will now be producing her album "Elope" due out sometime next year. I was a fan of Christina Milian but it just seems like she's f***ing for tracks and I think she's better than that. Either way big ups to The Dream who lucked up here ever since his divorce with singer Nivea.

Album push-backs have made & broke alot of artists careers over the last few years. This season it seems as if Amerie & Mariah Carey will follow in those footprints! Amerie's new album titled "In Love & War" has been pushed back til Novemeber. She has a single "Why R U" which is doing good on the BET countdown show but hasn't really impacted radio.( I've only heard it once on the radio) Now her second single "Heard Em All" is hot and I can see this taking Amerie to the top just like "1 Thing" did for her a few years ago. All she needs is the right promotion and a hot video and she will definitely have me in the bag! As for Mariah I really thought "Obsessed" was going to take her somewhere but it hasn't. She has scrapped all promotion she had in the upcoming weeks(MTV Video Awards performance, Today show, and more!) which I think is VERY dumb. Why not still perform and have all this promotion, I mean her single is in the Top 20(Number 14) so why not perform & promote and just have a second single released. This would make people learn about your new material and so on and so forth. Mimi has so-called said that her album is unfinished which is the reason for her push back. Hell her cd has been pushed to where there is no date determined on when it will come out. Most say this was due to her being scared of Whitney Houston who's album "I Look To You" would have come out the week after Mariah's and critics say Whitney would have shamed Mariah on the charts.

One of my favorite singers, Lady GaGa has taken the pop world by storm and has been nominated for 9 VMA's this year for the 2009 MTV Awards. Not only will she be nominated, but she will be among the performers that include Pink, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, & more. The show will come on September 13th hosted by Russell Brand. I must say I haven't been a fan of the MTV awards for awhile, because there isn't alot of diversity in their performers as far as R&B/Hip-Hop goes. But we shall see what they have in store this year for us before I go complaining.

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such a juicy week! cant wait for the next dayum recap!!

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2009  

LOVE Ms Ga Ga and Like Ms. Amerie the new single is definitely hot! Love the tribal feel..

Posted on Wednesday, August 19, 2009  

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