Music Video: 4.A.M

By Brandan on 2/03/2010 11:11:00 AM

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4.A.M stands for 4 All Misses, they're a quartet that hails from Chicago. This is the music video to their song "Red Light". They remind you of a mix between B2k and Day26. I like the dancing in the video as well. What do you think about the song/video?

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Posted on Wednesday, February 03, 2010  

Who is this? And why is their "suspected" sexual preferences any of your business? Their music has nothing to do with their personal lives. Leave them alone...they're on their grind while you are doing what? On the internet posting comments on a post about THEM! So what is it that you do?...............................still waiting!

Posted on Thursday, February 04, 2010  

Since when does the number of people that you've been with have to do with your musical talent. This group looks and sounds great. I love the song!!

Posted on Thursday, February 04, 2010  

i agree. ive been goin to their shows since they started. i love their music and i love them <3 whether they are bi straight or gay isnt anyone business but their own. i love yu guys and keep doing wat yu doin and let the haters hate!

Posted on Monday, March 08, 2010  

dey hott and da first comment is bullshit dey r not gay I kno dem personally, 4AM is da best group to ever walk in Chicago!!!

Posted on Friday, April 30, 2010  

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