Drama: Danger Calls Ray-J Gay!

By Brandan on 1/11/2010 02:27:00 PM

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“For the Love of Ray J” star Danger went on an LA Radio show and claimed Ray J likes men and women. She claims Ray J's man lover is Young Buck! Peep her quote below;

“Ray J’s lover of years is Young Buck. I’m really mad too because young buck and Ray J has been going strong fucking with each other for years and Young Buck doesn’t have 1% of what Ray J has. I’m like Ray J, “you’re not looking out for your boy?" What’s done in the dark will come to light. You need to tell the truth. Tell the truth and shame the devil. Tell everyone “you like dick too”. Just tell everybody”
Word on the street is Danger is trying to get a big check from Ray J and she’s also upset that he used her to make money off of those “Smashed The Homies” t-shirts.
Brandy heard this and released a statement on Twitter saying
"I need for Danger to watch her tongue!!! To say my brother is gay because he didn't return her calls is DUMB.. Go get Help!!!
Yall know I don't feed into negativity but I have a soft spot for Ray J...
I have to say I don't know if I believe a woman who was in a mental institution that just lost custody of her baby. She's probably just mad at the world!

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