Drama: Matthew & Tina Knowles Getting Divorce!

By Brandan on 12/18/2009 02:58:00 PM

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Beyonce's parents Matthew & Tina Knowles are officially calling it quits. Tina has filed for divorce a month ago in Texas after 29 years of marriage. It has been reported that the couple have been seperated since 2004 though. It must now go on to court where they will have to fight for the 112 million they have earned for theirselves off of the careers of Destiny's Child and Beyonce. I'm sure this is sad news, but let's not forget that mistress Mr. Matthew had, the woman Alexsandra Wright who is pregnant with his child and is due in January. I'm sure that was the trigger to the end of the marriage, I'm sure they stayed together for so long to keep Beyonce's image in tact; and if I were her parents I probably would've done the same. Let's see what toll this will have on Beyonce.

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