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By Brandan on 12/19/2009 11:30:00 AM

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Here is the review for Chris Brown's 3rd studio album "Graffiti". On this album he brings you dance, love, freaky, and motivational tracks. Anything you need you can find it, it's a very versatile album and show's alot of musical growth.

*Note: I bought the deluxe edition but I will not review those songs because they're credited as bonus tracks and not on the actual album.

I Can Transform Ya- This urban tune brought Chris back to his roots of a hip-hop mix with R&B. This was his 2nd time collaborating with Lil' Wayne("Gimme That" back in 2005). Swizz Beatz was the producer, as well as a featured guest. This is a nice intro and a good dance song. I didn't like this song at first when it came out...but it grew on me and the video was great as well!
Sing Like Me- This is his 3rd single and was produced by Big Makk. This is basically reminiscent of "Take You Down" but on a higher level. In the song he says "I don't like it that much to put a ring on it". This is a song young males can relate to, because we want to get that fine thing to our rooms...but get an even hotter one the next day! Basically a bachelor's theme. Nice vocal on here too.
Crawl- This was his second single and has to be the most meaningful song of his career! Vocally he sounds great, and finally shows some versatility. "First you crawl, walk, run, fly til there is no wind". His lyrics are great and the production was good as well, it was produced by Adam Messinger & Nasri Atneh. This song always gets me a little teary eyed.
So Cold- This track was produced by Polow Da Don. It talks about a lost love and how lonely and cold it gets when he is without her. This is a mid-tempo ballad, Ester Dean & Polow Da Don provide the backup vocals on this track. I really like this song and I can see it as a favorite. Polow is a genius!
What I Do- This is a hip-hop heavy song, basically a cocky type record and it goes hard! Chris is getting it on with his "rap-singing'' and Plies was a complete surprise as a guest...but it meshed well. This was a production by The Runners.
Famous Girl- He thought he found the right girl, and the girl thought she found the right guy...but they both were wrong! I'm positive this one is about Rihanna, because he says he is sorry for writing 'Disturbia'. It talks about infidelity on both sides from him and the "famous girl" he was with. I love this track, one of my was produced by Ryan Leslie.
Take My Time- This is probably the best song on the album! His harmonies on this jam goes so hard, and Tank was a great addition to the song. Chris also had alot of good runs, if Chris or his team is reading this...please make this the 4th single! This is a real panty dropper love song, and was produced by Tha Bizness.
I.Y.A- Stands for in your arms. It was produced by Free School who did a great job. This is a nice pop record, it kinda reminds me of the 80's. I generally don't care for pop songs from Chris...but this one was nice! Mellow love song.
Pass Out- This is another heavy pop-dance record. It was produced by Brian Kennedy and features Eva Simmons. I don't really care for this song, but I do like the beat. I think this should have been a solo because Eva adds nothing to the track, and does more of take away from what could've been better because her tone is very annoying.
Wait- This beat goes so hard! Polow Da Don produced this one as well. Trey Songz comes on and tries to outdo Chris on the song...The Game comes on and spits his verse which was another surprise to me collaboration wise. This isa hot pick-up song on how these dudes get their freak on. So if you're into them, this is the song to listen to. Ester Dean provides the background vocals on the chorus with Chris and it adds a little effect to it.
Lucky Me- Produced by Jevon Hill. This song I'm sure is how he feels right now. Saying no matter how bad he feels, he has to put on a smile and perform for the crowd. This is a beautiful song and he sounds really nice vocally. This is a good song for motivation to show you no matter how bad things are, you have to keep pressing on no matter what the critics or doubters say. I like the african theme music it has.
Fallin'- This is a great song and was produced by Charlie Bereal. "I'm standing up, but I'm falling down.'' This reminds of someting the late and great Michael Jackson would've done...because it kinda reminds me off "Leave Me Alone". This is basically a cry for someone to help him and genuinely be his friend. One of my favorite tracks on the album.
Overall this was a great album and I think his best effort yet! It offered growth in his vocal abilities, material coverage, and his lyrical game(he co-wrote 12/13 songs). This was a fresh album, new concept, look, producers, ans musical guests. Make sure you pick up your copy because he worked hard for it...and you can tell.
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars!

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