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By Brandan on 11/25/2009 11:11:00 AM

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Rihanna is back with her brand new 4th album "Rated R". It's a very dark album compared to her previous efforts, and her lyrical content is great! If you're looking for a 'singing' album this isn't it, RiRi mostly talks through the album.
Mad House-Just an intro to the album that reminds you of something that would be in a scary movie like Saw.
Wait Your Turn- This was her 2nd single from the album. It has an essence of a Reggae feel to it regarding the beat. I have to admit I wasn't a fan of this song, but after constantly listening to it I found myself liking it, she has that effect.
Hard ft. Jeezy- Is RiRi's cocky song, just like Beyonce's Diva & Ciara's Go Girl. I have to say I don't like when any artist gets cocky on a song so I wasn't a fan of this song at first...but then I started liking it. This is one of the songs when the lyrics get good. She says "no pain is forever". And she really gets cocky when she says she gets fanmail from 27 million. Jeezy adds an extra flare to the track that I love, he always makes a song better.
Stupid In Love- This is a brilliant song. She says she may be dumb but she's not stupid. Basically talking about a verbal abusive relationship. Even though it might fit...I doubt she's talking about Chris because this song was written by Ne-Yo, and was originally Brandy's song.
Rockstar 101 ft. Slash- This song is very rock influenced and features Slash which is a big name in the rock genre. I like this song and is along the lines of another cocky song but seems more relaxed than "Hard" showing that she fits right in this rock crowd.
Russian Roulette- This is her first single and talks about her being terrified and so scared of a relationship that she wants to commit suicide. I'm still not a fan of this song and think it's stupid.
Firebomb- This is one of my favorite songs on the album. She actually sings on this song. Basically telling a love how he missed out on a good thing. Saying "you could've been apart of a masterpiece". I like the song so much!
Rude Boy- This is my favorite song on the album. Real upbeat, fast, fun. This is a true summer jam and if she milks this album like Good Girl Gone Bad, then she should release this as a summer single.
Photographs ft. Will.I.Am- I don't like this song at all, talks about her love and saying now that he's gone she's stuck with the photographs of them. It starts off slow then moves into a more upbeat track towards the end. Will.I.Am adds his usual flavor to the song.
G4L- Stands for Girl for life or gangsta for life. Basically saying how her love was like Bonnie & Clyde. She says she licks the gun when she's done because she knows that revenge is sweet. Very dark record, and she even raps & curses her ass off.
Te Amo- Is a latin influenced song that means I love you. It has a nice beat and even though I do like this song I don't think it fits in the mix of the album.
Cold case Love- Basically talking about a bad love. Saying being in love with him was illegal, and how it got the best of them. Nice acoustic beat with the congos.
The Last Song- A ballad about her getting over a bad relationship, saying this will be the last song he will ever hear. One he will never forget. I'm not a fan of this song either.
Overall it's a decent album, it gets a little repetitive when it comes to the slower songs because it talks about guns, verbal abuse, and how her love will miss what they had. Will you be buying her album?
Overall rating 2.5/5 stars!

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