Beyonce & Taylor Swift Moment A Fake!

By Brandan on 9/16/2009 10:38:00 AM

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So we all know what happened at the VMA's with the whole Kanye & Taylor Swift thing...word is that when Beyonce saved the day at the end by giving up her speech time to Taylor was indeed a stunt pulled by non other than her daddy Matthew Knowles! I suspected this because it was too janky how Taylor was already backstage when Beyonce called her out to come to the stage...and funny how they both were wearing red. Anywho, here are the details below.

According to sources, Mathew Knowles was the one who consoled Taylor Swift backstage before Beyonce won her award and encouraged Beyonce to share her spotlight with Taylor as a kind gesture after the whole Kanye incident.

Among those who did offer support backstage was Beyonce’s dad, Mathew, who comforted Taylor and her family, and arranged the moment in which Beyonce gave Swift a second chance at the spotlight. A spokeswoman for Taylor says she’s been overwhelmed by her fellow musicians’ “kindness, support and generosity.”
Even though it was a stunt, it was a smart one...because if it was left undone, Beyonce would've taken some career shots after all of this.

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