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By Brandan on 9/04/2009 02:40:00 PM

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Trey feels he's 'ready' and gives his all on this record. It's evident on the songs that he writes that he's heavily influenced by R. Kelly, but when someone else takes the pen Trey has his own sound and personality like on his first single "I need a Girl". I have to say that Trey has a great voice but he doesn't explore it and takes the limit that he can, he will have to show me more vocally next time if he is indeed ready! But the album has alot of tracks that could have been absent that drags down what couldve been a great album. Album standouts are Jupiter Love, Be where you Are, Love Lost, Holla if ya need Me, Neighbors know my Name.

Overall rating is 2.5/5 stars!

Panty Droppa(INTRO) produced by Troy Taylor & Patrick Hayes

Neighbors know my Name-written by Trey Songz, Troy Taylor, Patrick Hayes. Produced by Troy Taylor, Patrick Hayes

I invented Sex ft Drake-written by Carlos McKinney, Tony Scales, Trey Songz, Drake produced by Los Damystro

I need a Girl-written by Johnta Austin, M.S Eriksen, T.E. Hermansen, E. Lind, A. Bjorklund produced by Stargate

One Love-written by Johnta Austin, Bryan M. Cox, Craig Love produced by Bryan m. Cox

Does he do It-written and produced by Sean Garret, Eric Hudson.

Say Aah ft. Fabolous-written by Ronald Ferebee Jr, Trey Songz, Tony Scales, Nate Walka, Don Corell produced by Young Yonny.

LOL :-) -written by Trey Songz, Troy Taylor, Tony Scales, DeAndre Way, Radric Davis produced by Fisha & Pryce.

Ready to make Luv- produced by Troy Taylor.

Jupiter Love-written by Trey Songz, Troy Taylor, Sean Fenton, John McGee produced by Troy Taylor.

Be Where You Are-written by Chris Henderson, Trey Songz, Edrick Miles. Produced by Chris Henderson.

Successful w/Drake-written by Noah Shebib, Drake, Trey Songz produced by Noah Shebib.

Black Roses-written by Trey Songz, Brandon Green, Troy Taylor, Edrick Miles produced by Bei Maejor.

Love Lost-written by Trey Songz, Troy Taylor, Edrick Miles produced by Troy Taylor.

Hollalude produced by Troy Taylor.

Holla if ya need Me-written by Trey Songz, Troy Taylor, Chris Hines produced by Troy Taylor & Chris Hines.

Yo side of the Bed-written by Trey Songz, Troy Taylor, Patrick Hayes, Tony Scales produced by Troy Taylor & Patrick Hayes

This album is an instant classic. Ms Houston shows she still has the pipes and flows well on each track with no problem. Whitney didnt try and reach a young crowd and try and stay relevant, she's relevant on her own with her mature material! It has alot of versatility from upbeat tracks, mid-tempo, and power ballads. The only song I didnt really like was 'For the Lovers'. But besides that the record is listenable all the way through and it's good to see such an Icon rise up and come back on top. Album standouts are Million Dollar Bill, I Look To You, Call you Tonight, Worth It, & I didnt know my own Strength. The album gets an overall score of 4.5/5 stars!

Million Dollar Bill-written by Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats, Norman Harris. Produced by Swizz Beats & Alicia Keys.

Nothin' But Love- written by Fernando Garibay, Franne Golde, Kasia Livingston, Nathaniel Hills. Produced by Danja & Fernando Garibay.

Call you Tonight- written by Johnta Austin, Mikkel Eriksen, Tor Hermansen. Produced by Stargate

I Look To You-written by R. Kelly produced by C. Tricky Stewart.

Like I Never Left-written by Akon, Whitney Houston, Giorgio Tuinfort, Claude Kelly. Produced by Akon & Giorgio Tuinfort.

A Song For You-written by Leon Russell, produced by Stargate

I didnt know my own Strength-written by Diane Warren. Produced by David Foster

Worth It-written by Johnta Austin & Eric Hudson. Produced by Eric Hudson

For the Lovers-written by Nathaniel Hills, Claude Kelly, Marcella Araica. Produced by Danja

I got You-written by Akon, Whitney Houston, Giorgio Tuinfort, Claude Kelly. Produced by Akon & Giorgio Tuinfort

Salute-written & produced by R. Kelly

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I think she missed out the train...too bad. she was one of the greatest.

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